Deutsche Rhododendron-Gesellschaft e.V.

Rhododendron-Gesellschaft e.V. (DRG)

Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für immergrüne Laub- und Nadelgehölze


Rhododendron und Immgerüne
Rhododendron und Immgerüne Laubgehölze Jahrbuch
Immergrüne Blätter

Twice a year the German Rhododendron Society publishes "Rhododendron und Immergrüne" (In 2006 this replaces "yearbook" and "Immergrüne Blätter").
Members will receive a copy of the yearbook free of cost. Back issues may be purchased by members at a reduced rate - if still in stock.
Non-members may obtain copies of back issues at regular costs.